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Sonoran Sunrise Pendant

Sonoran Sunrise Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
$340.00 CAD

Ornate, sterling silver pendant featuring a vibrant piece of Sonoran Sunrise, a natural combination of differing minerals from the Milpillas mine in northwestern Mexican region of the Sonoran Desert. The stark contrast of chrysocolla, cuprite and tenorite put together are beautifully striking (especially when all three colours are equally balanced). With a stone so rare and most alluring, it's truly astonishing what nature is capable of.

Kingdom Jewelry has embarked on a new journey designing and creating fabulous one of a kind creations for your everyday wear. Using high quality stones and drawing from design inspiration from history and all parts of the globe.


Width: 1" 2/8 in.

Height: 2" 5/8 in.

Code: DHP004 

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