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A Desert Soul


Kingdom crafts contemporary jewelry with a desert soul. Drawing on our deep expertise in high-grade stones and gems, our collections share a world-roaming, freewheeling aesthetic. We’re inspired by heirloom pieces. Long road trips. The sheer beauty of the materials we work with every day. At any given moment, you’ll find us setting a piece of three-million-year-old agatized dinosaur bone or admiring Native American turquoise artifacts that we found on our latest travels. Alongside our own lines, we carry a handpicked selection of collectable homewares and vintage jewelry—objects that made us stop and marvel.

Visit us in store at 1714 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada.

The Story

Kingdom was founded by Natasha Peck, our stone expert, and Dylan Lee, whose family has been in the lapidary business since the 1970s. In 2007, we met, fell in love, and started building an absurdly large collection of stones and gems. From Dylan’s gemologist father, we learned the nuances of sourcing in the rough and making high-quality cabochons.

At the same time, we became keen (obsessive) antique hunters, unearthing one-of-a-kind collectables from estate sales near and far. We merged these two passions—stones and antiques—when we launched Kingdom in 2014. We began crafting pieces that reflect our Americana aesthetic, selling them alongside heirlooms that we found and brought back to life.

Today, we split our time between our Vancouver studio and buying trips around the world in search of fresh inspiration.


The Name


As designers, we believe jewelry isn’t just decoration—it’s self-expression. We chose the name Kingdom as a nod to every person’s right to rule over their own style. Because each piece you wear is a small declaration about who you are.

The Lines


Turquoise Kingdom (TK)
Where stone meets silver. Our signature line is designed with true turquoise lovers in mind—your stacks, your way. 

Heirlooms for tomorrow. Our fine jewelry collection blends a heritage aesthetic with 18-karat gold, diamonds and other precious gems and metals. Custom pieces available.

Stone Apothecary
Every stone has a story to tell. Each of our crystals and semi-precious stones results from a unique combination of chemicals—plus a few million years. Symbolically significant, undeniably beautiful.

The Vault
Refined simplicity. Signet rings and classic silver and turquoise jewelry, streamlined for the modern man.

The Collaborations


We love nothing more than teaming up with exceptional artists from all over the world—people who share our love for traditional techniques and materials. With our lapidary expertise, we provide the high-quality stones and gems they need to bring their artistic vision to life.

Our partners include Jacob Morgan, a sixth-generation Navajo silversmith and the son of the late, highly reputed Harry Morgan, as well as Chris Billie, Mark Castagnoli, Ray Lovato and Peter Taylor.

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