Treat them with care, and they will last for years - they are Heirloom pieces after all!

Every Kingdom piece is handcrafted using the finest, ethically sourced materials and designed for everyday wear.
We put a lot of consideration into the materials we use. Our pieces are made to withstand real life, and with proper jewelry cleaning,
they will continue to shine.



Considered as the most timeless of metals, Gold is regarded as the best in Heirloom jewelry - so ensure you take care of it to last you for ages.

Although it is quite durable, it still can be susceptible to wear and is prone to scratching and denting. Golds can loose their vibrance when exposed to harsh materials and cleaning solutions, best you take it off before you get to scrubbing the house down!

To deep clean your jewelry you need a specialist jewelry cloth that has not been chemically treated. Alternatively, you can use a good quality microfibre cloth.




All of our Sterling Silver pieces are stamped with "925", which means it is an allow of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Some of our chains are plated in Rhodium, which is rare - and reflective of higher cost.

Silver is prone to oxidation when exposed to the elements, so we recommend you remove your silver jewelry before sweating, washing your hands and showering. Be careful when applying perfumes, cream and other personal products.


To clean tarnished sterling silver, use a silver cloth to gently polish away and discolouration. Be sure to store in a safe, dry place when not in use to protect them from moisture and other environmental exposure.




Brass has a shine that's as good as gold; known for its bright lustre and gleam. And just like gold, it is prone to looking dull and
lifeless after prolonged wear.

While we LOVE the look of patina on our rings, you may notice extra oxidation after sometime of wearing, alongside this, you may notice a green tinge on the skin. Don't be alarmed, it is a reaction to the PH level of your skin and will vanish after a few hours.


We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry in the shower, hot tub, sauna, ocean or swimming pool, as moisture accelerates the tarnishing of metal.

Brass or bronze jewelry will tarnish more quickly than sterling silver, but can easily have its shine restored with a cloth.




In brilliant colours and stunning cuts, our coloured gemstones are a distinctive way to celebrate your personal style.
The beauty and durability of Kingdom's precious stones are prized for their antiquity, and and colours as they’re available in
blue, pink, yellow, and many stunning shades in between.


Many natural gemstones can be quite delicate. Hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times.-

Clean your gemstones with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing.




Very porous in nature, and will turn greenish as it ages due to the interaction of your skin oils. This is natural. Avoid dish soap, dish wash water, soap, lotion, sunscreen, coffee, tea, oil, or oil-based substance. They will change the colour of your natural turquoise stone. Turquoise has a great affinity for oils or grease; it absorbs like a sponge, so we don’t advise wearing lotion or using chemicals with your turquoise jewelry.

It’s safe to clean turquoise jewelry with a clean soft cotton cloth, free of cleaning agents. Dampen the cloth with warm water only, rub very lightly then dry your jewelry with a clean soft cotton dry cloth, gently dabbing any excess water from the turquoise.