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  1. 10k Diamond Heart Locket - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  2. .48 Natural Marquise White Diamonds - 2x (Kim) - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  3. .55 Radiant-Cut White Lab Diamonds - 2x (Brettan) - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  4. D VVS1. GIA 2.00 White Radiant Diamond + 18k Build Out (Brettan) - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  5. 14k White Gold x Princess - Cut Diamond Eternity Band - Kingdom Jewelry
  6. 14k Gold & Silver x Plumeria Bypass Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  7. Magnificent 14k Gold x Sapphire & Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  8. 10k White Gold x Accented "Alwand Vahan" Mixed Diamond & Sea Pearl Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  9. 14 k White Gold x Turquoise & Diamond Caged Cocktail Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  10. Two-Tone 18k Gold Twin Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  11. 18K Gold David Yurman Diamond Cross Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  12. 14k White Gold x Pink Sapphire Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  13. 10k x Grey Tiger's Eye Men's Signet - Kingdom Jewelry
  14. Dainty 14 K Gold x White Pearl & Diamond Cocktail Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  15. 10k Gold x Black Hematite & Diamond Art-Deco Signet - Kingdom Jewelry
  16. Rose Gold Victorian-Style Solitaire Diamond Band - Kingdom Jewelry
  17. Vintage 18K Two Tone Gold Emerald + Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  18. 14K Gold Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Ring (Portrait/ Prong) - Kingdom Jewelry
  19. 14K Gold Emerald Cut Solitaire Lab Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  20. 14k White Gold Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  21. 14K Gold Pear-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  22. 14K Gold Marquise Solitaire Diamond Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
  23. 14K White Gold Lab Tennis Bracelet 2mm - Kingdom Jewelry
    Sold Out
  24. E VS1. GIA 3.15 White Oval Diamond (Dayson) - Kingdom Jewelry


  • "BEST EXPERIENCE! The team at Kingdom Jewelry was incredibly professional, talented, creative, and encouraging. They designed my wedding band in record time and with the utmost attention to detail. They truly brought my vision to life. I wish I had them design my engagement ring as well."

    Laura Hastings

  • "I recently had the pleasure of working with Dylan and Natasha to have a custom engagement ring made for my partner. I was given meticulous attention and genuine interest in the design process that made me feel like I was receiving the ring that my partner deserved. They gave me multiple options for stones and band designs, and they helped narrow it down with confidence. What came to be was an absolutely stunning ring, that left me speechless and I can’t wait to put this beautiful ring on her finger. It’s magic, and I’m so happy to have worked with these fantastic people. It was a memorable experience I won’t soon forget. Thank you Dylan and Natasha!"

    Carlo Donofrio

  • "Went to Turquoise Kingdom to discuss getting a custom engagement ring. I knew almost nothing about rings or Jewels, Natasha was so gracious and took the time to guide me through the process and carefully listened to what I was looking for and what my partner would like. The result: a ring that my fiancé loves, which is unique and suits us. Would gladly recommend her and Dylan to anyone!"

    Jason Yourk

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