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Sleek Kingman Turquoise Pendant

Sleek Kingman Turquoise Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
Sleek Kingman Turquoise Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
$796.00 CAD

This piece is another stunner made by a member of our shop. It has stunning oval shaped gem quality Kingman turquoise with a vibrant, deep blue stone with a a lighter shades of blue speckled throughout. Made from a natural high grade stone and set into a sterling silver setting and adorned with Yukon gold nuggets, this piece will truly become a coveted piece of your collection and a true heritage piece with the test of time.


Contemporary pendant made by Mark Castagnoli using Sterling Silver, Gold Nugget and Kingman Turquoise.


 *please note chain is sold separately.



Height: 1 inch

Width: 1/2 of an inch


Code: MCGGG4

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