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Orange Chocolate Beacon Blanket

Orange Chocolate Beacon Blanket
Orange Chocolate Beacon Blanket - Kingdom Jewelry
$275.00 CAD

Beacon blankets were introduced in the early 1900's and have become highly collectible. Beacon blanket has become the generic name for many cotton blankets, because not all blankets were made by the Beacon Manufacturing Company and the term "Beacon blanket" is used loosely.

These blankets have Navajo and southwest Native American geometric patterns with beautiful hues of colour. All these blankets are generally made of cotton so they make great blankets!

The piece has maintained its vibrant colours over the years. Very soft and pliable yet still quite thick. Colours are perfect with no fading or stains, there is some light pilling. Warm hues of yellow, cobalt blue and brown give this a very rustic desert feel. Perfect piece for a modern home that wants a touch of the warm southwest. Condition is good! Please note there is one small hole due to it's age and wear.



Length: 5 ft

Width: 4 ft


Code: BDCB1

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