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faq - old

How do you know that the turquoise is real?
After years of working with a multitude of different stones, we can identify whether turquoise is natural, stabilized, reconstituted, or dyed. We also draw on the knowledge of lapidarists with over 40 years’ experience in the field.

How can you tell the type of stone in vintage jewelry?
Because most of the jewelry we buy is Old Pawn and vintage, we can’t verify the origin of the turquoise with 100% certainty. However, because we have examined thousands upon thousands of pieces, we are usually able to accurately identify a stone’s origin.

How do you know that your vintage pieces are authentic?
For vintage and Old Pawn items, we authenticate by looking at the hallmarks and by examining the wear and patina. When pieces come from private estate collections, we also look for documentation of the original purchase and the time period. For contemporary pieces, we buy directly from the artists or pueblos to ensure authenticity.

How do you know how old a piece is?
Because different techniques, styles and stones were popular during different periods, we can roughly determine the age of the piece by examining it closely. We also consider the rarity of the stone, the patina and the hallmarks when dating jewelry.

How long will my piece take to ship?
Your modern heirloom will be dispatched within 1-3 working days. We ship all orders through registered, recorded delivery, and are happy to help with any urgent delivery requests. For custom pieces, please allow six to eight weeks for your piece to ship.

Are the online pictures of products to scale?
Because computer monitors vary, it’s difficult to show the actual size of a product on the web. Instead, we provide measurements and descriptions for each item. For the same reason, the way colors appear on your screen may also differ slightly from how the stones look in real life.

What inspired the name Kingdom?
As designers, we believe jewelry isn’t just decoration—it’s self-expression. We chose the name Kingdom as a nod to every person’s right to rule over their own style. Because each piece you wear is a small declaration about who you are.

How long has Kingdom been in business?
Kingdom was founded in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. For more company history, check out our About Us page .