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Mineral Specimens - Rocks & Minerals from Around the World - Kingdom Jewelry

Mineral Specimens - Rocks & Minerals from Around the World

Life is beautiful, simple and precious. Mineral specimens can remind you to live every moment to the fullest.

While gemstones and crystals are often processed to produce slick surfaces and soft curves, raw mineral samples are often jagged and wild in shape. They represent the building blocks of the beautiful crystals and gems that you may see in a jewelry store, but they're raw and untamed by nature.

You don't have to consider yourself a collector to buy mineral specimens. They just might make the best addition to your home décor once you understand what they are and why they're valued today.

What are Mineral Specimens?

When you see mineral specimens for sale, you're looking at collections of inorganic elements that occur naturally in the earth's crust. Minerals have crystalline structures and serve as the raw materials to form crystals. That means that most crystals are formed from the minerals often contained in specimens. A specimen is a sample of raw mineral that is mined from the earth. These samples are found in different sizes with a wide variety of shapes and colors. Solid blocks of mineral may have a crystal-like appearance, but they're natural and unprocessed. Some of the best mineral specimens contain two types of minerals. Each mineral has its own color and physical appearance, and together they form a unique structure that is visually appealing. Looking at these specimens is much like looking at artwork.

Why Buy Mineral Specimens?

Collectors buy mineral specimens because they appreciate the chemical structure and appearance of the material, but most consumers use these specimens as decorative pieces. They command attention and are destined to turn heads when used as centerpieces and are often displayed in cabinets with direct lighting. The more elaborate the shape and color of the specimen, the more attention you can expect it to command. When placed behind glass and illuminated with just the right lighting, you can create a stunning display that adds a touch of mystery and luxury to any room.

Our Mineral Specimens

While we pride ourselves on quality jewelry design, we're also heavily invested in stones and gems from around the world. We understand that minerals, gems, crystals, and ores can empower you in daily life. They can impact your mood and may influence how you view the world around you. If that sounds a little extreme, you haven't experienced the power of a spectacular mineral specimen illuminated from the corner of a room. You haven't stared closely at the highly detailed structure of those crystalline forms and wondered how something of such incredible beauty was planted in the crust of our earth. Once you do, you'll understand why the professionals at Kingdom Jewelry are so committed to sourcing only the purest and most beautiful mineral specimens.

Come visit our jewelry store in person or online to check out our current selection of rare and beautiful mineral specimens for sale. We provide critical details on every specimen, including all known information regarding the date and location of its discovery.