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Affordable Engagement Rings

Affordable Engagement Rings | Kingdom Jewelry
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You want to pop the big question, and you want to blow her mind with a beautiful diamond that she will proudly wear for the rest of her life. The problem is that you may have financial limitations. Doesn't everyone in 2020?

More people than ever have student loans, credit card debt, and other expenses that consume a large percentage of their income. COVID-19 has created even more financial distress on people who previously would have easily purchased large engagement rings with no hesitation.

The average spend for an engagement ring in 2019 was over $3,500 for Canada ($5500 in the United States). Shopping online will save you a lot of money, and we have some affordable engagement rings that will blow her mind without blowing your bank account.

After all it’s about your story, the story of the jewels and how it makes you feel. We have many different options to empower your relationship for years to come. Check out some featured engagement rings below. :)

Engagement Rings Under $1,000

With a budget up to $1,000, you can select from a variety of engagement rings, ranging from vintage engagement rings to the more traditional or classic styles. The following selection of unique engagement rings will give you an idea of what's available today.

Elegant Gold Diamond Ring

Elegant Gold Diamond Ring

This vintage ring from the 1980s was crafted from 12-karat white gold and topped with a stunning arrangement of diamonds. The shape created by the diamonds makes this one of the more unique engagement rings you will find online today.

This is a good pick if you want a stunning design that goes beyond the single diamond look. At $670, it will easily fit your budget of $1,000 max.

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Two Tone Gold Ring

Yellow and white gold come together to create this dazzling 14-karat gold engagement ring. Sparkling diamonds surround the base of the ring, creating a simple, classic look designed to impress. It's perfect for the woman who likes elegant, beautiful rings that aren't too flashy.

The price on this ring is $685, so it fits well into the $1,000 and under budget.

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Two-Tone Gold Ring

Engagement Rings Under $500

Is your budget too tight for a ring worth $1,000? We have you covered with stunning gold engagement rings under $500. Check them out, and keep in mind that the most affordable engagement rings tend to sell fast online and a lot of our items are unique.

Solitaire Diamond Gold Ring

Solitaire Diamond Gold Ring

Elegance is the word for this 1980's engagement ring. The shank was crafted from 12-karat white gold and then fitted with a stunning solitaire diamond. The band features ovals or leaf shapes that make the ring more unique and elevate the level of class.

With a price tag of just $350, this is one of the most affordable engagement rings out there today. It's also a stunner for the woman in love with vintage jewelry.

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Stacked Gold Diamond Ring

Step back to the 80s with a vintage ring selling for $495. It features seven diamonds in a stacked design. The shank was crafted from 14-karat white gold. It's a head-turning engagement ring for the woman who wants a little something to flash.

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Stacked Gold Diamond Ring

If you're looking for affordable engagement rings that will please your future wife without putting you into serious debt, check out all of our selections today.

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