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Turquoise 18kt Gold Inlay Earrings

Turquoise 18kt Gold Inlay Earrings
$950.00 CAD

Stunning 18kt Gold earrings showcasing beautiful inlay work with Natural Gem Grade Blue Kingman Turquoise. With a sleek design and beautiful natural turquoise stones these earrings are real stunners. Designed by a member of our shop Mark Castagnoli who hails from Vancouver BC and who has 50 years of focused expertise on natural precious metals has created an exquisite collection unique to the jewellery trade.Whether its gold fresh from historic gold fields, Opal hand mined from a legendary African source, or gem grade meteorite from deep space, Mark has always held a creative edge on the trade. A passion for prospecting has led to a personal contribution the the gem world in the form of a 400 million year old extremely rare gem fossil coral, Stingray Coral. Available in sterling silver or with any kt of gold. Also available inlayed with a variety of other types of turquoise and semi precious stones.


Width: 5/8 of an inch

Length: 1/2" in. Code: MC (OAE)

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