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Contemporary Tufa Cast Repousse Navajo Cuff

Contemporary Tufa Cast Repousse Navajo Cuff
$450.00 CAD

This amazing Cuff is handcrafted by the extremely talented Chris Billie. Chris' pieces are created using the finest materials and with phenomenal detail and precision. Kingdom Jewelry has embarked on an exciting collaboration with Chris, in which only high grade cabochons, hand cut and polished by Kingdom Jewelry, are paired with Chris' immaculate silver designs. We are absolutely elated to have this relationship with such a talented artist, and we couldn't be happier to be part of this collaboration! This cuff is particular is all hand stamped and repoussed from a beautiful tufa ingot which Chris himself casts. Every component to Chris' work is hand forged and beautifully executed. Chris' work has a fantastic rugged aesthetic, in part due to the natural texture of the tufa he uses to cast.


Chris Billie, Navajo. 




Size: 5.5 Gap:


1 2/8


Width of bracelet: 2 5/8


Height of bracelet: 1 in.


Weight: 101.42 grams


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