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Radiant 1950's Red-Toned Serape Blanket

Radiant 1950's Red-Toned Serape Blanket
$195.00 CAD

A stunning serape blanket is perfect for any vintage lover. This beautiful piece of textiles that features a series vertically stacked stripe patterns with bold bright red tones offset by a rainbow of other colors for the perfect contrast.

A serape is a long blanket-like shawl originated from Mexico, that's often brightly colored and can worn draped like a cape or used as a multifunctional item such as an art piece to hang on the wall. The vibrancy of colors has maintained throughout the years. They are very soft and pliable yet still quite thick, they were generally made of wool as to serve as comfortable blankets. Perfect piece for a modern home looking for touch of the warm southwest.


Length: 83" in.

Width: 61" in.


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