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Native Silver Signet Ring

Native Silver Signet Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
Native Silver Signet Ring - Kingdom Jewelry
$295.00 CAD

This gorgeous beauty is a twist on the classic signet ring. Inlaid with stunning natural Silver Ore, this stone is unique and striking. Set into a soft square bezel this piece will surely make a fantastic statement. The clean, well thought out, contemporary ring speaks volumes to quality of craftsmanship and design executed in this piece. Which the natural tight webby stone compliments with it's soft golden matrix and flecks of natural pyrite inclusions. Crafted by a member of our shop.

*Stone may vary from photo


Contemporary Ring made by Kingdom Jewelry using Sterling Silver and Native Silver Ore.



Size: 9.75

Height: 1/2" in.

Width: 7/8 of an inch


Code: PLCI5

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