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Emishi Ketoh Inlay Pendant

Emishi Ketoh Inlay Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
$695.00 CAD

Navajo Indian archers wore wrist guards called ketohs to protect their forearms from the snap of their bowstrings. Navajo silversmiths adapted the ketoh form into decorative jewelry. The Navajo creation story describes the adventure of the earliest beings as they moved through four distinct worlds. The design on this ketoh emphasizes the Navajo values of order, harmony, and simplicity. It also evokes the topography of the Navajo creation story. This pendant features stunning overlay work with fabulous inlay featuring turquoise, coral, jet, and lapis.


Contemporary pendant made by Ryo Smith using Sterling Silver, Coral, Turquoise, Jet and Lapis Lazuli.



Height: 2" in.

Width: 1" 3/8 in.


Code: RSP9 



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