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c. 1940's Navajo Thunderbird Pendant

c. 1940's Navajo Thunderbird Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
c. 1940's Navajo Thunderbird Pendant - Kingdom Jewelry
$225.00 CAD

This is an excellent 1940's Navajo thunderbird pendant made in the Fred Harvey-era style. This piece features traditional stamp and silver work. A great layered or stand-alone accessory. 




This historic beauty is a Fred Harvey Era piece. For those that don't know Fred Harvey was one of the first restauranteurs in the south west who later became an iconic figure representing an Era of tourist jewelry that was sold. Back in the day when the railroad finally connected from east to west, tourists started flooding into the region and Fred Harvey restaurants became the spot for the local navajo girls to sell their wares. Navajo artists created a unique type of jewelry for the tourist industry that represented the southwest/Native American arts through iconic symbols such as thunderbirds, arrowheads, snakes, and cacti. Harvey Era jewelry was made through 1890-1940.  



Height: 2" in.

Width: 1" in.

Code: SFDTP3 (LM)

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