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Beautiful Chris Billie cuff

Beautiful Chris Billie cuff
Beautiful Chris Billie cuff
Beautiful Chris Billie cuff
Beautiful Chris Billie cuff
Beautiful Chris Billie cuff
$895.00 CAD

A fantastic repousse cuff handmade by the extremely talented Navajo artist Chris Billie. Chris' pieces are created using the finest materials and with phenomenal detail and precision. 

Kingdom Jewelry has embarked on an exciting collaboration with Chris, in which only high grade cabochons, hand cut and polished by Kingdom Jewelry, are paired with Chris' immaculate silver designs. We are absolutely elated to have this relationship with such a talented artist, and we couldn't be happier to be part of this collaboration! 

This cuff is hand stamped and has wonderful repousse work made from a beautiful tufa ingot which Chris himself casts. This cuff has a single line repose design giving it a classic look.  Every component to Chris' work is hand forged and beautifully executed. Chris' work has a fantastic rugged aesthetic, in part due to the natural texture of the tufa he uses to cast. The bezel encompasses a beautiful natural piece of high grade Mine # 8 Turquoise, which is very rare and valuable. This piece will surely become a beloved part of your collection, one that would pair beautifully with your other Navajo favourites or stand alone as a special statement piece!

Born of the Mountain Cove people and Bitter Water Clan {€œDzil€™t€™ahnii and Todch'hi'nii€} of the Navajo Tribe; Chris Billie began his journey as an Artist in August 2014. Once the Apprentice of Master Navajo Artist Perry Shorty; Chris entered his apprenticeship of the €œFirst Phase€ works of Navajo jewelry- €œthus defined as that which was produced between 1850 and 1910€ with Master Artist Perry Shorty.

Twenty-six years later Chris has developed a unique and collective style of handmade Silver Jewelry that manifests and enriches his heritage, thus pays homage to his Navajo Traditions and serene style. The use of handmade stamps that range from; crescent, linear and a small array of Repousse stamps to express creativity and forge a more dynamic piece of collective Art. Chris€™ use of the Tufa Stone which is volcanic ash compressed native to his region, gives each piece a unique and distinctive texture to his creations. Each article of jewelry is given up most attention to let creativity flow in a most natural and primitive form. Currently Chris resides in Gallup, New Mexico within the Greater Navajo Nation located centrally within the €œFour Sacred Mountains€.


Size: 5" in.

Width: 2" 2/8 in.

Height: 1" 1/8 in.

Gap: 1" in.


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