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Antique Black Bògòlanfini Mudcloth

Antique Black Bògòlanfini Mudcloth - Kingdom Jewelry
Antique Black Bògòlanfini Mudcloth - Kingdom Jewelry
$95.00 CAD

A beautiful circa 1960's dark African Mudcloth (or it's Bambaran translation, "Bogolanfini") is certainly perfect for any vintage textiles lover. The unique textiles are created using traditional techniques that have been passed on through the generations.


The cotton is handwoven into thin strips, then sewn together to form a large piece of cloth. A special fermented mud is then used as a paste to create symbols on the cloth and laid out to dry in the sun and is then cracked off to reveal a pattern that tells a story.

Mudcloth can be made with thick or thin cotton weave. Both types are very textural and soft to touch, rustic in aesthetic value and are all handmade.



Width: 41" 1/2 inches (3 foot 3" 1/2 inches

Length: 62" inches (6 foot 2 inches)


Code: AI22

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