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1940s Micro Navajo Pin

1940s Micro Navajo Pin - Kingdom Jewelry
1940s Micro Navajo Pin - Kingdom Jewelry
$90.00 CAD

Marvellous vintage old pawn micro pin. This beautiful Navajo piece features two whirling log symbol. Completely hand-stamped and made of sterling silver. Certainly one for the collection.


In Navajo iconography, the whirling log is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, luck and healing. It was often used in healing ceremonies, drawn in sand and crushed stones to extract the negative energy, or illness from the person being healed. Later, when the ceremony was completed, the painting would be destroyed in order to dispel evil and restore health. The whirling log symbol is still present in some modern Navajo rugs and weavings but since 1940 it has not been used as a symbol in jewelry due to historical mis-appropriation during WWII.


Vintage 1940's NavajoPin made using Sterling Silver.



Length: 1" inch.

Width: 1/8 of an inch.


Code: TCOW7X

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