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Extraordinary 1940's Petrified Wood Cuff

Extraordinary 1940's Petrified Wood Cuff
$695.00 CAD

This vintage Fred Harvey Era sterling silver cuff is an absolutely stunning handmade piece that is brimming with history. 

It has a beautifully worn patina and is covered with ornate stamped designs. Three silver bands come out from the center, and merge into one which wraps around the wrist. In the middle of the cuff sits a spectacular piece of petrified wood. 

Petrified wood is the result of an ancient tree that lived its course and then was buried deep under the ground. Overtime, the wood becomes fossilized and it's organic matter is replaced by various minerals, which creates a completely unique design on the surface of every piece. 

It is believed that petrified wood is an extremely grounding stone, and brings about peace and contentment to whoever wears it. It's also a pretty incredible thing to be wearing a stone which was created by trees that towered tall millions of years ago on your wrist! 

History: This historic beauty is a Fred Harvey Era piece. For those that don't know Fred Harvey was one of the first restauranteurs in the south west who later became an iconic figure representing an Era of tourist jewelry that was sold. Back in the day when the railroad finally connected from east to west, tourists started flooding into the region and Fred Harvey restaurants became the spot for the local navajo girls to sell their wares. 

Estimated era: 1940's


Size 5" 1/8 in.

Width: 2" 3/8 in. 

Width of stone: 7/8 of an inch 

Height: 1" 7/8 in.

Height of Stone: 1" 2/8 in.

Code: TCJC36 

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